Welcome to the Vocal Technique section of my site.
I have bad news and I have good news.

The bad news is that we live in an era that is critically lacking in true vocal mastery and clear vocal instruction. Singers loose their voices too early, depriving themselves of decades of performing. Many not claim knowledge of solid vocal technique and lack confidence and skill to succeed.

The good news is there is no need to suffer. Offered here is a centuries proven method to master the technique of the greats, keep your voice as fresh at 80 as it was at 18 and hope that no matter what you learned in the past and what the condition of
your voice, improvement is always possible.

We have put together a Basic Training Manual in a PDF format that you can view online, download and print out. It is the very essential, distilled and useful information, complete with instructional photos, exercises and a special Testimonials page.

What I offer my students is not a quick fix. However, with practice and more practice I guarantee that you will feel and hear the results. Your hard work will pay off!

Over the last fifteen years I have worked with countless individual singers as well as choirs and vocal groups in different parts of the country. If you need further help, a personal lesson or group instruction, please contact me and I will gladly offer you my help.

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